Uplift for Good

Founded by Uplift Aerospace

Space is Vibrant. Space is Generous.

Uplift For Good™, our charitable initiative, is dedicated to preserving Earth’s resources and connecting the human element with space exploration. Uplift's cultural programming includes commissioning visionaries to create groundbreaking new works and products inspired by space. Proceeds from these Uplifting projects will go to support our non-profit partners back on Earth.

Love’s Closet Foundation

“The Greatness in Me Leadership School aims at teaching children key skills needed to encourage self-leadership and critical thinking, as well as develop self-confidence and creative skills..”

“To revitalize threatened ecosystems through holistic, scientific solutions. We are currently working towards building over a million square feet of reef by 2025, restoring dying coral reefs back to diverse and sustainable ecosystems, and strengthening the communities that rely on them “.

Reef Life Foundation


Little Big Souls

“We Provide a Fighting Chance for The Premature Baby Born in Africa.”

Mermaid Reef

In a previous project in 2020, Uplift for Good helped mobilize restoration efforts of Mermaid Reef in the Bahamas after hurricane Dorian. This project was in collaboration with Eco Blue Projects, Reef Life Foundation, Friends of the Environment Abaco, and SeaLegacy.