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Reef Life is Building Homes for the Ocean's Homeless Using Nanotechnology

Reef Life Foundation's mission is to revitalize threatened ecosystems through holistic, scientific solutions, racing against climate change to restore and protect the valuable reef ecosystems we have left. Reef Life funds the research, design, and construction of IntelliReefs: nanotechnology marine restoration structures that mimic the complex, mineral composition of natural ecosystems. IntelliReefs are made from unique mineral mixtures that allow artificial reefs to be fine-tuned and customized down to the nanoscale to support site, species, and function specific conservation goals. Together, we are “Building Homes for the Ocean’s Homeless”.

Around the world, we have lost about 50% of our coral reef ecosystems since the 1980’s due to pollution, climate change, and destruction of habitat. Reef Life works with local communities to bring back as much of the reef as possible through innovative, data driven solutions. They are committed to enhancing biodiversity and ecological resilience where it has been lost. Reef Life strives to cultivate trust in the communities they work in by inspiring collaborative, ocean-forward partnerships and research projects.


Reef Life is heavily committed to local ecological education and demonstrate their respect for the environment by ensuring their actions preserve ecosystem integrity and biological complexity for future generations of coral reef guardians. Reef Life believes that interdisciplinary conservation projects that involve partnering with local conservation organizations, businesses, and governments will be the most successful means of protecting nature and accelerate positive, long-term change.

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