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Reef Restoration After Hurricane Dorian.

Uplift For Good works with Eco Blue Projects to assist in ecosystem restoration. Eco Blue's core values are to serve others and add value to our worldwide community through cleaning the ocean and providing relief supplies after natural disasters.

Eco Blue Project's Team has years of experience with underwater recovery, salvage, and cleanup. Working worldwide, they remove sunken aircraft, pleasure boats, houseboats, and debris that are damaging marine life in national parks and ocean sanctuaries.  They have provided over 40,000 lbs of supplies and food to those affected by hurricanes.

Eco Blue recently finished the Mermaid Reef coral restoration project in the Bahamas, which was almost fully funded by incredible donors and their own volunteer team of expert divers and marine restoration specialists. Coral reefs play a critical role in supporting local communities through tourism, food resources, and protecting the shoreline. Restoring these reefs accelerates the economic and environmental return of the areas affected by hurricanes.  

Eco Blue partnered with the local Bahamian organization "Friends of the Environment" to compound everyone's efforts through community and youth involvement. They also collaborated with Reef Life Foundation, Bahamas Marine Mammal Research Organization (BMMRO), and SeaLegacy to provide important expertise and document the project.

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